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coffee shop

Project Type : Concept
Typology : Public Space
Location : Ankara, Turkey
Date : February, 2012
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The project for reconsideration of Karanfil Street in Ankara emerged from the Winter School International Research and Education : Art and Architecture.

The genesis of the concept is informed by a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. The resulting design prioritizes the creation of functional social nodes through the establishment of a continuous spatial configuration. The design incorporates provisions for day-to-night usage and features a monumental character that defines the movement of people and key transportation junctures. 

The primary material employed in the construction of the installation comprises of recycled cardboard tubes, which are reinforced by ropes. The design prioritizes environmental sustainability and, in this regard, places emphasis on utilizing recycled materials. The cardboard tubes are cut into circular shapes, which are then used to form a semi-permeable and semi-flexible surface composed of both solid and void elements. The resulting canopy structure incorporates a continuous movement that doubles up as a bench for seating, resting, and waiting. The design effectively safeguards the functional value of the surrounding space.

The circle serves as the fundamental spatial element that underpins the design. It functions as a defining feature of various units, ranging from circularly partitioned spaces to tables. The scalability of these units is predicated on the number of individuals expected to utilize them.

The utilization of the circle design element is characterized by two distinct modes. The first involves seating individuals within the center of the circle, thereby creating a more social and expansive atmosphere. The second mode is oriented towards inward-looking users, who display a more introspective attitude and consume the product in question at a faster pace.
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