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the green veil

Project Type : Competition
Typology : Public & Residential
Location : Kırklareli, Turkey
Date : November, 2015
The Lüleburgaz Municipality is committed to providing educational and social services to women, children, and families, including consultancy and guidance services to address various issues. In line with this objective, the Lüleburgaz Women's Academy Architectural Project Competition was conducted with the aim of establishing an innovative center that will offer vocational, cultural, and artistic courses for women under the municipality's auspices. This center is expected to ancourage the active participation of women in social and cultural life and reduce instances of violence against women.
The center serves as a secure and welcoming hub for the community to engage in activities such as cultivating and preparing food. It offers the local population not only the chance to enjoy fresh produce grown within the vicinity but also to gain knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

ground floor plan

1: market 2: lobby 3: greenhouse 4: office 5: parking area 6: kitchen  7: loading deck 8: storage

The design comprises three main courtyards and proportionate spaces that promote a harmonious relationship between the courtyards, the platform, and the ground. It showcases a low-rise courtyard building typology, which offers a non-intimidating construction, creates unexpected spaces through the inner streets formed, and provides opportunities for interaction with nature and activities in the courtyards. Although the two primary courtyards can be exposed to the outside, incorporating a sheltered cover is anticipated to have a favorable impact on the users' psychology. The building's overall spatial character is defined by the range of spaces that allow women and children access to open terraces, courtyards, and outdoor spaces. To enhance functionality in open areas, we propose using removable and closable covers that facilitate functions such as watering hobby gardens and illuminating the garden. These covers can also collect rainwater and capture solar energy in response to changing climate conditions.


first floor plan

1: greenhouse
2: kitchen stall

3: classroom

4: kitchen

5: indoor dining

6: outdoor dining

7: office

second floor plan

1: classroom
2: kitchen

3: indoor dining

4: terrace

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