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Project Type : Concept & Design
Typology : Residential
Location : Zonguldak, Turkey
Date : February, 2011

The project is situated within a fictional landscape inspired by Jean Paul Lemieux's painting "Marine" from 1957.

The painting portrays a tumultuous seascape with a boat navigating its way throughand an arid shoreline. It evokes memories of the serene locales of Zonguldak, juxtaposed against the perilous vastness of the sea.
Conceptually, the pianist is anticipated to draw inspiration for their composition from this primitive yet refined landscape. At the heart of the design lies the studio and performance space, which is represented as a volume that overflows into the water, showcasing the landscape depicted in Lemieux's painting.
Next to the studio space there is a square glass box and this glass box is a negative space that mediates the entrance to the complex and the connection between the studio and the residence. The project consists of two levels, and its structure is integrated into the topography, giving the impression of being carved out of the rock.

ground floor plan

1: studio
2: entrance of the glass box and seating area for performances

3: entrance hall

4: passage

5: garage entrance

6: kitchen

7: dining area

8: living space

9: lower deck

10: higher deck

first floor plan

11: guest room 1

12: guest room 2

13: sitting area

14: master bedroom

15: balcony


defines a negative space between the glass box as the studio and the residence

the secondary light area on the first floor connects the main living area with the guest bedrooms

site plan

A: residence B: studio C: deck D: dock E: coastline F: garage

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