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shiraz office

Project Type : Concept
Typology : Office
Location : Shiraz, Iran
Date : July, 2013
The Shiraz Sabz Building began as the idea that would go after the regulations and could as such, respect the established limits of the plot. The main difference consists of turning the exercise upsidedown as to create a selfcentered building. But at the same time, one that opens itself to the surroundings and it’s likely to be toured by users. The implementation developed then by placing a block closed in on itself centered according to the lot, away from the perimeter, not overcoming the three floors’ barrier. The building acquires the characteristics of a hanging garden, subdivided in office block, both connected through roofs and semi-public central courtyard that opens to the outside.

site plan

The challenge that was lauched consisted on the occupation of a parcel of land with approximately 4500m2 of area likely to be occupied. The limit for this occupation, and intended use of an office building, could not overtake the 10m of hight but in return it would occupy the area of the land by three times it’s size. The proposal resumes itself by placing the main object to face the main street, overtaking the barrier of the three floors but serving the entire remaining area of the lot with a structure that is suspended over the parking lot, through which emerges a rank of acer pseudoplatanus, as such, developing a natural pergola that will create a struture that will serve as shading.

ground floor plan

first floor plan

second floor plan

section 1-1

section 2-2

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