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social housing

Project Type : Competition (awarded Honorable Mention)
Typology : Residential
Location : Çanakkale, Turkey
Date : July, 2014

The realization of an organization that accommodates political, social, and spatial solutions, wherein diverse expectations and perceptions concerning the urban environment are evaluated impartially, can be made possible through the implementation of the concept of "neighborhood." The absence of such a concept is currently palpable and may lead to its eventual extinction.

In the design process, the conventional approach of employing an isolated block surrounded by an undefined open space is challenged by adopting traditional architectural forms that incorporate a well-defined enclosed space. To establish the notion of "neighborhood" within the designated project area, modern and traditional residential and commercial clusters are constructed, centered around semi-public spaces such as courtyards and inner streets.
The integration of the courtyard house typology in the design of the social housing project facilitates the creation of spaces that can be utilized for social purposes, while simultaneously expanding the available green areas and clearly demarcating public and private spaces. Additionally, commercial structures serve to maintain social spaces while providing an interface with the housing structures.
One of the prominent characteristics of traditional architecture is the harmonious integration of standalone houses with garden walls, resulting in an impression of contiguous layout when observed from the street. This unbroken wall functions as a transitional plane connecting the housing structures with the urban environment, thereby endowing both the street and courtyard with a favorable spatial quality at the ground level. The overarching aim is to create small, adaptable, diverse, and flexible housing units capable of catering to a broad range of age groups.
The Çanakkale Municipality Social Housing Urban Renewal National Architectural Project Competition was launched with the objective of enhancing the spatial, cultural, artistic, and environmental aspects of Çanakkale in a manner that reflects high standards. The competition, which was a single-stage and open to national participation, was organized by Çankaya Municipality. Out of the 37 projects submitted, 3 received honorable mentions, while 4 were awarded purchases.

façade detail

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