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the art gallery

Project Type : Concept & Design & Detail Solutions
Typology : Culture
Location : Ankara, Turkey
Date : May, 2015
The structure under consideration is a conventional factory constructed in the 1980s, featuring an 18 m × 18 m prefabricated roof truss. The objective is to repurpose it into a contemporary art gallery. While complete preservation of its original industrial character may not be necessary, exploring alternative possibilities to accommodate its new exhibition function is deemed necessary.
A novel spatial configuration has been integrated into the existing framework of the factory while preserving the authenticity of the original structure. The historical wall has been entirely safeguarded and kept separate from the new lining to emphasize the integrity of the original surface.Additionally, the brick wall exterior creates a sharp contrast with the new material, giving rise to a dynamic texture within the gallery space and infusing a rejuvenating essence into the old building.
Commercial areas play a very important role for the art gallery. The commercial area serves the main exhibition area, which is 12 meters high. These spaces are connected by the textile-texture surface. Compared to the exhibition space, the commercial service is a reversed space, and vice versa: these are co-existing, mutual-reversed, inter-connected but defining clearly spaces.
The commercial areas are of paramount significance to the art gallery, as they function as the main support for the exhibition space, which boasts a height of 12 meters. These areas are interconnected with the exhibition space through a textile-texture surface. The commercial service area and the exhibition space are opposite in nature, and yet they coexist and are interlinked in a distinct and definitive manner.

ground floor plan

first floor plan

second floor plan

exhibition areas

commercial areas


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