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Project Type : Concept
Typology : Commercial & Public Space
Location : Ankara, Turkey
Date : June, 2018

The objective of the project is to explore how natural design elements can be integrated into a more comprehensive and unified approach, thereby serving as a foundational design consideration rather than a peripheral practice.

This project investigates the dynamic interplay between the public space and the urban texture by selecting the trade center situated opposite the Kızılay Metro Station as the focal point of project both deliberately and experientially.

In this speculative trade center located at Kızılay, the use of daylight as an informative part of the design process to motivate both the exterior and interior spaces is examined.

The project serves as an example of the seamless integration of nature's functional and aesthetic properties with the once concealed interior spaces.
The design process commences with an examination of solar path diagrams to analyze the manner in which the sun interacts with the building, both internally and externally. By determining the points of intersection between the various solar paths at different times of the day and year, a clear pathway is defined through the structure. The primary objective is to enable sunlight to diffuse into the interior spaces, rather than solely penetrating the building's façade. Consequently, a threshold is planned to be opened from the center of the building, which will extend into the interior space. The accompanying image, which depicts the top-down perspective of the project, showcases the intended impact and aspirations of the design, including the congregation of people in various gathering areas located at the front, back, and rooftop of the structure.The threshold space was modified by incorporating a sequence of fiberglass panels that were specifically designed to capture and reflect sunlight from the southern direction to the adjacent interior spaces, thereby enabling natural light to permeate the interior spaces.

insolation angles


viewing angles / landscape





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